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Our story

Work to establish an organisation to effectively represent Principals and Deputy Principals in West Australian government schools, referred to collectively as the “Principal Class”, commenced in 1996. It was felt by many Principal Class Officers that their industrial and legal rights were not being effectively represented, and that there was a need for an organisation that provided such services exclusive to the Principal Class.

Registration with the WA Industrial Relations Commission was achieved in December 2014, opening the way for the PFWA to actively represent its membership in all legal and industrial matters. The PFWA’s affiliation with the Australian Principals’ Federation, based in Melbourne, gives the organisation a national profile through its registration in the federal arena.

The PFWA’s office is located at 106 Burswood Rd, Burswood, in the Wealth Management Partners building. This location provides members with access to a one stop shop for legal, industrial and financial services.


All paid members have access to industrial advocacy to address:

  • Salary and remuneration matters
  • Complaints management
  • Investigations and reviews
  • Legal support and industrial advocacy
  • Matters of performance

Joruney Travel Insurance included.


Annual Membership: $660.00
(payments can be made fortnightly $25.38 or monthly $55.00)

PFWA Rules:

Effective June 2020

PFWA Brochure 2020


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106 Burswood Rd, Burswood WA 6100
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PO Box 148 Burswood WA 6100

Phone Number
+61 438 531 300