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Frequently Asked Questions About The “Agreement”

• Why is there a need to negotiate a new industrial agreement this year?
The current Agreement was signed as of 4 December 2017 and is in place for a two-year period only, expiring on 4 December 2019. Hence the bargaining period will begin in July and we will be seeking the views of the membership before then to compile a log of claims representative of the Principal Class.

• Has the Government’s “Wages Policy” changed since the previous bargaining period?
The Government has maintained its stance on salary increases for government employees, limiting them to $1000 per annum or pro rata according to FTE. Advice from the membership will determine the position the PFWA takes to the bargaining period.

• Where can I find a copy of the “Agreement”?
The full document is available on the Labour Relations website - . The “Handbook for School Leaders” is no longer being published in hard-copy, but is available from the website. The website also carries a range of information that is a useful guide for school leaders in the management of their human resource.

• Why are some changes to conditions of employment not apparent in the general content of the “Agreement”, eg, the long service leave provision to roll over five days beyond the two years expiry limit?
Some changes to conditions to which the Department of Education have agreed do not appear in the body of the “Agreement”, but are captured in an “exchange of letters” between the Department and the relevant Union. The “Exchange of Letters” is included in the Handbook for School Leaders.

• What gains did the PFWA achieve in the 2017 bargaining period?
- A commitment from the DoE to work towards a review of the classification system governing the salaries of Principal Class Officers. There have been two meetings during term 4 with a clear commitment to achieving a visible separation of teacher level salaries and those of the Principal Class (Principals and Deputy/Associate/Vice Principals).
- Protocols for resolving grievances have been developed with an emphasis on attempting to achieve resolution at the local level before it reaches the Level 2 stage.
- 5 days of accrued long service leave can be held back after the two year period for expending the leave has expired.
- Access to available sick leave credits where the need to care for a family member exceeds the previous 12.5 day limit.


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