We are the collective industrial voice for the Principal class in Western Australia. We fight for better conditions for all of our members. If you would like to join the movement please do so below.

Better pay and conditions

The Principals’ Federation of Western Australia are the industrial representatives for the Principal Class. We pursue better working conditions, pay and recognition for all Principals’ across our state. 


relevant legal support

We provide appropriate and relevant legal assistance to our members where necessary. Please read our Legal Support and Assistance policy under the member benefits page.


All our members have access to a wide range of discounts from our sponsors. Our membership system integrates with our website.


As your Industrial Representatives we are focused solely on getting what our members want and need through the appropriate channels. 



The Principals’ Federation of Western Australia is professional association for all school leaders. We are proud to support and represent school leaders of primary, secondary, district high and education support schools in Western Australia.

We work to provide STRENGTH, SUPPORT and FELLOWSHIP to our members.


I opted to become a member of PFWA from its inception as i felt as a profession we needed an industrial arm. I liked the thought that we would finally have “a chair at the table” when our future was being discussed. The PFWA has given us a voice that enables the Principalship to finally act on our own behalf in an industrial rather than collegiate manner.

It is well organised, strong in representation and will grow to become an organisation that truly represents the needs of the profession as a whole.

Strong competent Leaders means strong schools for our children in our care.

I would encourage all to join as we need in these times to have representation and it is good to know someone has your back.

As a long serving remote country Principal I find that a comforting thought.

Ian Francis
Christmas Island District High School

My name is Fiona Gaze and I am a proud member of the Principals Federation of Western Australia. I joined the PFWA a number of years ago to support an organisation that has as its central focus support for Principal class officers now and into the future.

I feel secure in the knowledge that my industrial and legal rights will be safeguarded by a federation that has at its core the very people who are in the job; there is high currency, credibility and trust within this organisation.

I am gratified to see everyone working closely together to tackle the challenges that we face, make positive changes and hear our voices.

I can’t advocate enough to all current Principal Class Officers to support an organisation that supports our profession.

Fiona Gaze
Gnowangerup District High School

The PFWA has made a lot of progress for principals and I congratulate you and your committee for that work. I understand there is still a long way to go but I hope that, in the future, all principals are recognised appropriately for the workload and the impact that workload has on their lifestyle. The PFWA will play an important role in seeing this to reality.

Craig Pettit (Retired Principal)