Membership Benefits

PFWA has no political affiliation and does not contribute to political funds. Therefore, you can be assured that all of your subscription is spent on providing services and support for you and other members.

Take a look at some of the benefits of being an PFWA Member.


Representation and Legal Cover

PFWA ensures that members receive the best and most appropriate support and advice with regard to employment matters. Download our Legal and Member Assistance Policy. See below policy section.


Policy Influence

As a member of the PFWA you now have a direct voice in negotiations relating to the salary and conditions of the Principal Class, no longer having to rely on the SSTUWA to be your representative at the table. You can be assured that the PFWA will not be distracted by the industrial needs of other sections of the Education Act workforce.


Benefits from our Sponsors

PFWA members will also benefit from having access to exclusive benefits from our sponsors. Just head on over the sponsors page and see which organisations are supporting the PFWA in their cause to fight for your benefit.


Journey to Work Insurance

Did you know that if you’re injured traveling to or from work, you’re not covered by worker’s compensation? JourneyCover returns up to 100% of your fortnightly salary for up to 12 months when you cannot work due to injury sustained on your commute to work.

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Monthly News Bulletin

The PFWA publishes a monthly news bulletin to keep members abreast of news and information throughout the sector. We use this method of communication to discuss important issues and highlight what we are fighting for during negotiations with the Department of Education.


Exclusive Offers

PFWA membership provides you with support and employment protection. PFWA members have the ability to access exclusive offers and discounts that have been negotiated by PFWA on member’s behalf.


Tax Benefits

Did you know that your membership fee is 100% tax deductible? As a member of the PFWA you can save on tax while ensuring you are fighting for the betterment of wages and conditions throughout the sector.

Member Policies