About Us

Who we are and what we stand for

The Principals’ Federation of Western Australia is a professional association for all school leaders. We are proud to support and represent school leaders of primary, secondary, district high and education support schools in Western Australia.

We work to provide STRENGTH, SUPPORT and FELLOWSHIP to our members.

We have no political affiliation.

We represent Principal Class Officers including:

  • Deputy Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Associate Principals

At PFWA we are inspired by a vision of high quality education for all young people and children as well as honouring our commitment to supporting every single member we do this by:

  • offering on-demand advice, guidance and best practice
  • providing members with legal support and full trade representation and protection
  • shaping and influencing policy

An Introduction to the Principals’ Federation of WA:

The PFWA is dedicated to advancing the industrial interests of members, with affiliation to the Australian Principals Federation located in Victoria. This gives the organisation a national profile through its registration in the federal arena. Membership is open to Principal Class Employees in the Government school sector. We exist to protect and support members in employment related matters, and much of our activity is in industrial representation, advocacy, advice and support in dealing with issues such as complaints, conflict resolution, discipline, remuneration, superannuation, contract renewal, workcover, conflict of interest and performance matters to name a few. We provide support for our members working in difficult situations and strive to improve their conditions of employment.

Background and History of the PFWA

Work to establish an organisation to effectively represent Principals and Deputy Principals in West Australian government schools, referred to collectively as the “Principal Class”, commenced in 1996. It was felt by many Principal Class Officers that their industrial and legal rights were not being effectively represented, and that there was a need for an organisation that provided such services exclusive to the Principal Class.

Registration with the WA Industrial Relations Commission was achieved in December 2014, opening the way for the PFWA to actively represent its membership in all legal and industrial matters.

A Council made up of equal numbers of Principal class officers represents each sector (Primary, Secondary, DHS and Education Support schools).

The PFWA’s office is located at 106 Burswood Rd, Burswood, in the Wealth Management Partners building. This location provides members with access to a one stop shop for legal, industrial and financial services.

The Principals Federation of WA has thus been registered continuously since December 2014 providing it with all the legal powers of registration to support and represent its members.