The announcement this week by Dr Buti of the funding agreement reached between the Federal and State Governments is to be applauded, guaranteeing that public schools will receive 100% of the SRS for 2025-29. Members of the Principals’ Federation of WA (PFWA) have been seeking this outcome for some time and look forward to the benefits that will result for public schools and their students.

PFWA President, Bevan Ripp commented: “I am hopeful this will lead to the creative conversations that need to be had in order to meet the challenges we currently face in providing our students with the best opportunities for growth and learning. For too long now discussion has focused on everything that is wrong with our system. It is now time for all stakeholders to come together with solutions in mind, and this funding agreement should be the starting point.”

With the Agreement commencing next year it gives the State and Federal Governments and DoE a full twelve months to transition intent into action, as well as develop an understanding about what funding students to the full 100% actually looks like.

“Improving equity and excellence; supporting the well-being of students, staff and school leaders; and providing a strong, sustainable work force are the broad parameters Dr Buti has identified as the key focus in his announcement. This announcement conveys a message of opportunity and the PFWA looks forward to being involved in the discussions, remaining open-minded as to the best course of action”, Mr Ripp said.